16 August 2012

Gibson Epiphone LP Std

Its a Gibson Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Standard LQ? Honey Sunburst.(its a mouthfull).

or in short Gibson Epiphone LTD ED LP STD LQ HS.(try saying it fast)

Them japanese,they like to confuse you..hahaha

Have I post this before?I'm not sure but anyway its a setup and mandatory switchcraft work.Due to the pickup high microphonic factor the owner managed to get a set of Orville pickups.Orville and Epiphone are more or less in related to one another.We certainly wouldn't want to change the vibe here..

So if I did post this in the past I will gladly delete it.

Thank you and Enjoy.


Nick Chan Abdullah said...

i thought all epiphones are made in korea?


Always a deal breaker for me when it comes to Epi LP is the ugly headstock.

This one is an exception.

YusTech said...

NIck - I thought so before..

Ijau D. Koceng said...

OBHS (aka gibson headstock) = japanese epiphone trademark

YusTech said...

Thanks for the extra info IDK.

Unknown said...

cantik macam owner gak..haha