10 Aug 2012

The Artist and That Guitar Tech.

Artist can have a good impact to a company product.


PRS Guitars became the brand to own when Santana won a lot of Grammy's for his Supernatural album.

Suhr Guitars was unheard of until Guthrie Govan signup with them.Now everyone wants them including me!

The Reason.

The general public look up to artist,listens to them and eventually agrees to what ever the artist uses or says.

The point.

A couple of night ago I received 2 guitars which belong to local famous Singer/songwriter/collector.When I say famous means very famous.I will not write his name here.I'm reluctant to accept it because I don't trust him(not yet..),he has influence and there's positive and negative side to that.In the end I accept it because its my obligation to help whoever that wants my expertise.

I've had my fare share of experience against dumb artist here

I will not let that happen again.hahaha
I hereby publicly announce whoever you are,Superstar or Joe public,you all gets the same treatment from me.I have my way of doing things.

If you have issues then say it.Being silence about it with the previous Tech won't get it solve.
We all want to make an honest living but please don't try to fuck up my name without a valid reason.


LPmalaya said...

hahha....suke baca citer lama tu blk..wkakkaka

YusTech said...

cerita lama saya jadikan teladan untuk masa depan.hehe