25 May 2013



Client : I know Yus,my friend told me about the Mandatory Switchcraft for all incoming guitars.Could you also install a set of Slash SD's I brought.See if it needs your Full Setup.

Yustech : Sure thing and thank you for becoming my client.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

wishlist model (different variant)

YusTech said...

this one is quiet good also

loandy otero said...

can I ask you a few questions? I have this same guitar and a) why doesn't LTD or even ESP include the coil tap on the tone on their more expensive guitars and included it on this one? b) what kind of pickups do you recommend as an upgrade? c) I would like to re wire this guitar, should I change any of the internals? add anything?

I would send you this guitar and would proudly pay you what your clearly worth but your halfway around the world, sorry. :(

YusTech said...

a - in my honest opinion its a add ons marketing strategy by ESP.Clearly for the higher tier model you're getting more quality hardware compared to just a push pull.

b- I'm with SD camp so clearly,safely and inline with its higher tier a set of SD 59 and JB or Jazz and Distortion.

c- If it were mine,I would replace the pots to CTS's.Selector and output jack to Switchcraft of course.A good metal ware is an overkill as the default ones serve its purpose well/.

Thanks for good intention.All the loandy otero.Do sign up as my follower. :)

loandy otero said...

thanks for the feedback! as of now, I am signed up as a follower!

but, one last question, when you re wired this guitar, did you leave in the push pull function or did you get rid of it?

I wouldn't mind getting rid of the push pull coil split function myself, as long as it makes the wiring simpler and the tone better, (obviously with some pickup swaps as well)

YusTech said...

The new pickups thats put in are 2 conductor type so I wire it without using the push pull at all.

Ijau D. Koceng said...

made in indonesia kan?

my vietnam made ec256 (2014 batch) agak sloppy kat bahagian pots cavity