30 May 2013

Fender Highway One

How many Guitar Tech do you need to wire a guitar?In this case,2.

The first one promised nonsense( so he said 3 CTS Pots and USA 5 way switch) and wired(messed) it up for a fee of RM250.The second one,Me.which had to replaced and rewire what the first Tech did for a handsome fee RM300.That's 3 really EB CTS Pots,1 really CRL switch plus my expertise.Yep...I'm expensive and I'm proud to say it so.I too like some or most of you would want to sail through life with needs and wants with less or none(impossible) inflation burden.

RM550 is an expensive lesson for anyone to learn particularly in this fragile economic times.My sympathy goes to this client of mine.

To the other so called Tech.If you can't handle your iron,you'd do more damage to the components,your reputation,your music shop and the industry..So stop?Learn?Continue?


Ijau D. Koceng said...

if it's DIY by the owner himself and looks like shit, ok boleh dimaafkan

YusTech said...

Itu saya setuju.Kalau lihat isi perut guitar lagi teruk dari yang ini.Guitar Pomen asal boleh sahaja..Hahaha

YusTech said...

Typo...Kalau lihat isi perut guitar saya lagi teruk dari yang ini