9 November 2015

Old Violin Bass

I have no idea of its brand or background,my random key word on the search button seem to result an un exact look alike.From the age I betting its Japanese.The black over paint and what's hand drawn on the headstock would suggest that it could've pass through a head banger hands. and may have been forsaken for obvious reason(s).

Being not a luthier nor a wood worker,I didn't see myself doing any finish work to it.The first thing to do is to check the electronics hoping the pickups are working and thankfully it does.The wrong pots and tone cap will be replace unquestionably.Its missing the bridge and I've no idea about how it should be.I bought and old metal bridge meant for guitar from Guitar Galeri Ampang.RM70 I think.I was glad the boss kept some old parts.I knock off the six notch to make way for four new ones.The base plate was straight to stand on the bass top.I sanded a Daiso wood to suit the arch top.The nut space was to wide for a bone nut,so glued two,shape it to filled the space.

The diy paint work was the thing that bothered me.The owner didn't say or instruct any work to do for it.I mean its an eyesore to begin with.I just can't let it leave like that.The chips on the black paint seems very telling about its default finish.Nothing bad about natural finish and I think its the new black for today guitars/basses.

Mmm...What do I do?What will I use and how? Paint remover is just to strong and I've seen those work first hand.It's not pleasant.Definitely a No No!

I started with light sanding behind the neck,at least it won't be visible for anybody to see.Its quiet a workout.As I was changing grit doing it I accidentally knock the solvent canned that was on the bench on to the bass.Panic doesn't really describe it,chaos was an understatement.Face palm,face palm,face palm,careless,negligence!What excuses would I come up for the owner?Uber,Grabcar seems to be an inviting profession.

As I was wiping off the solvent,off came the superficial black paint too.The real finish wasn't in any danger at all.I was indeed surprise and relieved.You could guess what happen next.

Immediately I do away with the unpredictable sand papers.Its wipe on,wipe off,wipe on,wipe off.Concluding the work a deserving elbow grease with polishing compound.Thankfully this good accident happened along my good intention.Things happen for many reasons.For me is to learn from it plus knowing my own capability,knowing when to not push the envelope.Syukur Alhamdulillah.

The bass has a note buzz but for now the owner want to enjoy it.You might see this bass in private function and weddings.Some month later one of the machine head broke and was replace with a modern style.That's that.  



Ijau D. Koceng said...

paint it black - rolling stones

YusTech said...

Supernatural - Santana.:)