9 December 2015

Thanks a lot bro, my Ibanez preamp useless now

You're about to play your semi acoustic again.The guitar sits idle in its case for many month or years.Finally finding the time to revisit the Extreme's "More than words".As soon as you took it out there's crack on the preamp unit or worst a large rectangle hole with the preamp guts clunking inside the guitar.Oh dear,what have I done to it? Don't worry,its Ibanez's fault!

The preamp panel uses the LCCT polymerized vulcanized plastic composition that will melt within couple years or so.Good to know parts is available but it will happen again I guarantee it.What if you were to buy spare unit.Trust me it will melt on shelf too.So how do we store the spare preamp panel safe and ready?

If you live near the equator,my academic suggestion is to store the parts in the fridge where its cool and dry like in the shop show room where I bought the spare.If you live in Scandinavia,North/South pole or any where cool and dry,yours should be safe.I think.

Below are a list of Ibanez preamp with the flaw/faulty/problematic mounting plastic.Do you see yours down there?Maybe Ibanez didn't R&D this before rolling it out?Maybe you should do a check for any sign of crack/melt? Maybe its time to buy the preamp unit mounting parts now while its cheap.?Maybe you don't want to be panic when it go bust on stage?Maybe most of want to avoid buying an Ibanez semi-acoustic that fitted with it?

*Acoustic Preamp SPT

*Acoustic Preamp SST

Acoustic Preamp SRTn

*Tip - Both SST and SPT are identical fit.

LCCT - Latest in Cost Cutting Technology.

Part III to follow



Cikgu Aziz said...

Ibanez is not going to like this post, hee hee. But for the rest of us, it's valuable inside info. Thanks for sharing.

YusTech said...

No doubt indeed,advising consumers to just buy the mounting plastic instead the whole unit.Hehe

Cikgu Aziz said...

Hmmm might be Ibanez' marketing ploy to boost sales of their replacement parts. Make the original substandard, and force buyers to look for parts every few years. Shame on them!

YusTech said...

haha..as consumer,its best to look ahead before making any decision.There's many good brand out there with more features.

Cikgu Aziz said...

So true. Buyers should do some research before buying anything.