2 December 2017

Digitech GSP1101

Since the local appointed Digitech distributor decided to jack up the price the owner took the risk and ordered this GSP1101 from oversea instead.I can't say much about that.For now.

This GSP1101 was meant for North American market and other countries that utilise 120VAC.The owner knew this but apparently he was exited about it thus accidentally plug it straight to our 240VAC outlet.Death was instant.As soon as I open the top cover I sniff(with my nose) the doughnut.No burnt smell from the doughnut and DMM displayed some resistance on all the transformer leads.That's a good sign.

The blown fuse was replace with the one supplied in the hidden compartment at the IEC power input.A step down was use to check it properly this time.The GSP1101 work like it supposed to.The owner was very happy the fact that he was given a second chance.I was happy too as I admonished him about purchasing a good step down transformer.Well,You just never know in case you'll be ordering more electrical appliances from there.I couldn't do a proper check/review without a dedicated power amp and cabinet.I guess I was star stuck by rack unit that I forgot about the useful return input at my amp.

I like to praise Digitech for putting the right fuse in this unit making it idiot proof.Its clear that they had foresee this kind of accident happening and it can happen to the best of us.I also would like to advise that you discuss with your distributor about the pricing structure.Clearly someone didn't study the buying power here and the other is ballooning its profit margin.If the latter can't sell well then so does the former.

Thank you


Ijau D. Koceng said...

some people claimed that the current RP-series (360/360XP) were the incarnation of GSP1101, in a pedal form of course... tak tau betul atau tak

YusTech said...

Both could be using the same DAC chip set sound card. My guess is as good as yours.;)