2 October 2018

Which Bill? Wild Bill, the real Bill.

Just a short post today, a pickup installation for a client. Out goes the Duncan to make way for a Bill Lawrence L-500L. There's nothing wrong with the Duncan. The owner had invested in a few Lawrence pickup in the past and were pleased by them.
There are actually two Bill Lawrence L-500 version from two companies. This is from Bill's own company. After Bill demise, Bill's wife and daughter continues winding Bill's original L-500 series. All of their product are handmade by both Becky and Shannon Lawrence in their Los Angeles workshop. Indeed Bill left his legacy in good gentle hands. Shown above is Shannon Lawrence in action
Tone wise, the L-500 is unlike the conventional 6 pole pieces pickup style. Hence, the L-500 is very different in terms of magnetic field response. On the distortion channel, the output of this L-500L is substantially strong for perfect 5th work but still able to retain clarity in multi-tones. Don't take my word cause I only tried it for five minutes after installation.
I noticed Bill didn't leave any D.C.Resistance info on its web. Some of the pickup technical info available are presented by Henry, which to me is a true measure of coil output value. I've made a drawing showing the L-500 variant below. I hope some of you will find it beneficial and I hope Becky approves it. ;)

The real Bill Lawrence Site - wildepickup.com 

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