6 March 2013

Hartke A100

A late night quikie.A distorted tone amplified.Dry joint at power caps was the cause.A quick solder was the remedy.

The A100 built is quiet compact.Taking out the main PCB took 3 hands.I decided to lossen the Toroidal transformer.Stood it on it it side and have the 3rd hand hold it as I try to manouver the PCB out.The removal of the Toroid is due less room.Its something that I never need to do but trust me.There's no other way.Haha.

3 things I like about the A100 are the Toroid,Discrete Power amp devices and the use of connectors for easy assembly.

The 3rd hand was courtesy of the owner of the A100.Mr.Nick.

 Thumbs up Hartke

Thank you and enjoy.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

yup, hardware hartke mmg mantap

bbrp hari lepas baru je "mengintai" isi perut hydrive 5210C, xjauh beza dgn A100 ni

YusTech said...

Terima kasih atas tambahan info IDK.

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

eh baru perasan huhuhu