23 April 2014

Sustainiac Stealth Pro

Some might remember this guitar from previous entry Here

I can barely remember trying this out on a Jackson a decade ago.Having only heard and read about it prior hadn't really put the mystery to rest.It was until my mentor/best friend/like a brother the late Adrian Marshall did a review of a Jackson Warrior that has one in it.At the time he was a writer on musical instrument section for a local newspaper while I was the hidden technical person pointing out what he misses to discover in a gear he's reviewing.Honestly speaking I was just happy to try out whatever he got hold off.There's a difference between trying a gear in a shop and on your friend sofa.One is the salesman hovering around,two is the timing.Night time seems to be the best time to do it.Your ears(mine at least) tend to hear things better in the still of the night and G2 session to the wee hours we did.Ha ha.

This is my first work involving such device and after reading the booklet I was in fact shaken but not stirred.Never had I come across the word caution so many times other than in this Sustainiac booklet.However,thoroughly reading it made it a one go success.Relief I was.Again,reading the booklet repeatedly aids the installation.Some wires must be cut short,some can't be near one another,PCB orientation have to be right,NO ground loops(thumbs up to that!) and static and crosstalk prevention are above all  are thou number ONE Priority!!! . Some might ask where's the two mini switches,I know I did when I opened the box.Apparently it doesn't include those but instead its diversified in the pots in a form of a push pull.I found this to be smart move,room friendly which doesn't require any unnecessary wood chopping.The other Japanese Fernandes Sustainer system which I don't want to mention has the switches permanently soldered to the board itself and leaves you no choice but to hack through the guitar body.There goes that chunk of tones into the trash can.Quiet barbaric if you ask me but then I will deliver the task should I'm needed to do so.Some might regret it but some will not.

Explanation video Here.
Crappy Demo video Here.

Understood it now.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

sempat buat kopi, sustain masih panjang... hahaha

YusTech said...

Mengikut manual boleh sustain selama 20jam.Jadi ya,selain buat kopi,boleh antar anak ke sekolah,pergi kerja,balik jemput isteri anak makan malam,tengok TV,basuh baju dll..hehe

TheSniper said...

Berapa harga sustainiac ni?

YusTech said...

Kalau tidak silap saya hampir RM800 selepas conversion SingDollar. Tuan punya gitar membelinya dari SV Guitar Singapore. Harap maklumat ini membantu.