3 July 2014

Not fender acoustic bass

The bass was bought by a knowledgeable touring musician.Merely collecting whats thought as bargain along route in his East Malaysia tour.So rest assured no one was conned because both parties knew what is and whats not.Its perceived as that last on wall old stock.

The string action was absolute ridiculous,I mean you could stick a cigarette under there,which I did to prove a point.Ha ha.While we're the string subject,I never came across such stringing method.Its strung from the inside out.I wonder what's those holes behind the bridge's for? Must be for good air low or they're(no idea who) doing it differently.

Its seem cutting the saddle wouldn't do much to resolve the height issue.The main problem is the bridge itself.To be exact,it thickness.I've seen various kind of acoustic bridge but this one top them all.Its like the put they whole tree on there.Forgive the overly exaggerated narration.Haha.Just throwing my thoughts a loud.

Contemplating between the use of a slow and careful chisel or a router,I decide to use the latter.In the past its proven to be quick and clean.Within 5 minutes its done.Glad that went well.

Well not quiet.Remember that air flow hole behind the bridge I mentioned earlier.Its cross-action now visible from the front.It'll look horrible if I were to string it from the inside out.So instead of doing that I put the strings through those holes to hide the ugliness plus made it look normal as any other acoustic basses in the market.Alright now,we're back in business so to the amp we go.

Bad news,the 1st string not as loud as the other 3,two possible reason here.One - The piezo is meant for acoustic guitars so the element is slightly offset under the 1st which denied a direct vibration transfer from string to saddle to the element underneath.Two - There's no adequate down force toward the piezo particularly for the 1st string.Which explain why I strung up the G string from the inside out.It does help but not as much as I anticipate.

Quote from this client "Good enough Yus,at least the string actions are unlike gila before.Don't worry about the 1st string output.I rarely go there.Bottom freq matters.Besides,its not made in Mexico,I know these cheap knock off would have its hiccups and what not.So job well done"

I couldn't agree with you more,so here's the bill. :)

Thank you

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

mesti tukang restring mula2 tu bersusah payah seluk string masuk dari bawah...