28 October 2014

Tartarus Saturn 7 Pro

Let's built it like them at a competitive price.Its been proven by the Japanese in the 70's before they came up with their own design.Followed by the Koreans in the 80's and 90's offering cheaper workable variation of it to rival both the Japs and the Americans.One of them has been successful by going as far as offering cheaper outsource solution for the west in the form of contract builds.You build it how we like it,you get your contact renewed.Just like Fujigen builds for Ibanez over in Japan.Win win situation? more on that in the future.

The beginning of Y2K saw the emergence of China made guitars.Offering look a like which don't performed near to what one would thought.Flooding the market while at the same time trying confuse beginners with their false claim.These look alike are nothing more than fake guitars imported by irresponsible sellers preying on ill informed newbies Most fell victim while some would gladly walked away.Its is as if these dealers don't mind being called stupid at all while conning their clients,those clients may come to seek help of a tech only to be told that they'd bought a fake guitar or they need to fork out more dollars for it to function close to what's should've.Their products will change hand and sooner or later will be on my bench.

Hence we arrived to what's on my bench today,For start,I didn't know what to make of it other than acknowledging the laser engraved name on the body,Honestly speaking I didn't know much about this company either until I was told about it last year.The web doesn't say much about the exact location of where the built was taking place.Maybe he doesn't want people bothering him.I certainly understood that degree of working mindset.Due to that and only in this paragraph I shall call him the Privateer builder.

You see most privateer would choose to build or received an order that's based on the common Corona,Nashville,Stevens Ville silhouette.Its the safest route while offering good after market parts and electronics.The Saturn 7 pro features a radical design which is the exact opposite of what one might expect.Flame top with slim fast neck through design that incorporates multilayer wood bonded together to offer beauty along with strength.The electronics are surprisingly up there with the big boys.I anticipated cheap parts under the hood and I was wrong.

CTS pots,Switchcraft toggle,BKP just to name a few but mind you I don't get impressed easily by someone else's products that's on a guitar.I look forward to his end of the woodwork and its quality.Often some of us do that.Telling people we put RM60 strings on a RM50 kapok guitar or RM1500 bells and whistles add on in our RM300 customized guitar.But so does the big boys too.But they put their forth craftsmanship and trademark on it,which made me exclude this Tartarus as a privateer.Its a brand of its own and Tartarus measured up its builds on a very high degree to match its components.There's a few nicks and marks on some areas on the Saturn 7 Pro but I look at it positively as how one hand build guitar is unique from another.The first badges from the builder himself could be collectible one day.

You can size up a builder by his tools arsenal but in fact his real tools are his mind and hands.What he poured into this Saturn 7 Pro is astounding.He has the visions,the beliefs to prove it,give him time down the road with possible tools expansion and lower teer offerings,he will be is on his way towards the pinnacle of perfection.That was how Leo and Paul started it.By taking risk and giving it their best.Believe me,its not easy.
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Ijau D. Koceng said...

with built and quality parts like these... i don't care what's written on the headstock

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the owner wanted to remove the pickup covers....?

Cikgu Aziz said...

"Hand-crafted in Malaysia." Tartarus Guitars has done us proud.