20 December 2015

EMG worldwide promotion

EMG HQ is having a promotion and free shipping worldwide.I haven't check whether the prices are more or lesser than you neighbourhood music store or if its applied to selected product only but you maybe guaranteed a plethora of selection.No more hearing phrases like "No Stock" "We have to order" We'll have those on the next shipment" etc.

So to some of us that have hungered those watts/volts/ampere guzzler pickups etc,be sure to visit


No I don't gain any money for doing this,just passing the good/bad news.This post gets delete when promo expired.

Seymour Duncan Camp


Ijau D. Koceng said...

baru je pasang EMG SA/81 beberapa hari lepas

YusTech said...

Was it cheaper,more or sensibly priced?

Ijau D. Koceng said...

beli local, EMG SA dah naik harga around 5%, masih acceptable la

kalau nilai ringgit tak jatuh, rasanya beli direct from EMG web (with free postage) lagi murah

metal brain asylum said...

saya geng 2 2. SD n EMG. hahahha

YusTech said...

Pun boleh juga.hehe